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Women for Progress Radio Live Broadcasts 2014
Women for Progress Radio Show Hosts:

Mrs. Willie Jones, President
Mrs. Dorothy Stewart, Founder

Women for Progress Radio hosts a conversation with New Mayor of the City of Jackson, Mayor Tony Yarber on the first day on the job, Thursday, April 24, 2014. 


Mayor Yarber shared lessons from the campaign and future plans for the City of Jackson.  Click links below to listen to the discussion.

New Mayor April 24 Part 1 of 3 

New Mayor April 24 Part 2 of 3

New Mayor April 24 Part 3 of 3

Women for Progress Radio talks with the 2014 Jackson Mayoral Candidates (Included, conversation with Executive Director of MS Medicaid, Dr. David Dzielak)

Conversation with Mayoral Candidates, April 10 Quinn & Priester Part 1of2
Women for Progress Radio Aug 7 2014 - Conversation with Socrates Garrett & Friends

Building New Entrepreneurs for Jackson

Guests, Oleta Fitzgerald, Children's Defense Fund

Guests, Mrs. Wattley, Past President of Planned Parenthood

WFP Radio Pt 1of3

WFP Radio Pt 2of3

WFP Radio pt 3of3