Awareness, Advocacy & Action

      Women for Progress

      of Mississippi, Inc.


Women for Progress is actively seeking women who possess an interest in voluntarism, a committment to community service and an interest in developing her potential for voluntary community participation.
Women for Progress is structured to meet the schedules of busy, working women and men. A unique and distinctively different "caucus" format allows for:
  • A free exchange of information, support and action among members,
  • Each member to function in a leadership capacity,
  • Small groups with caucus leaders to coordinate the activities necessary to carry out the programs formulated by policy-making members.
The "caucus" format eliminates:
  • The "red tape" which tends to restrict the functioning of traditionally organized groups,
  • The personal/social emphasis which reduces the credibility of some groups,
  • The need for the total group to come together each time and issues must be discussed or resolved.
There are many benefits to becoming a member of Women for Progress of MS, Inc. The organization offers its members flexible opportunities for voluntarism, an opportunity to make friends for life with women who show common concern for the community and an opportunity to contribute your talents to the growth and enrichment of our families, our schools, our communities and the society in which we live.
Additional Member Benefits

  • The opportunity to hone leadership skills and /or take on leadership roles within WFP.
  • Network with a diverse group of Women leaders, entrepreneurs and educators.
  • Opportunity to host an interest group within WFP.
  • Professional and leadership training.
  • Monthly Lunch & Learn.
  • Recognition at various events and meetings.
  • Access to all membership events.
  • Access to leadership workshops.
  • Monthly Newsletter.


Activist – Catalyst for Change

The membership of Women for Progress is composed of women and men who have distinguished themselves as action-oriented, influential, talented and resourceful individuals.  We have a wealth of practical experience and accomplishment, of knowledge both inherited and gained first-hand, of health survival through meaningful work.  Women for Progress is a voluntary service organization of individuals who share their wealth, wisdom, and work.  They work to achieve the goals of the organization in addition to empowering themselves.  Various action committees and core projects provide opportunities for members to engage and use their various talents and leadership skills to make a difference in our communities.


Leadership Development

Various resources, tools and information for professional development, personal success and achieving your career or business goals: Networking Events, Informative Lunches, Forums, Action Committees, business & community calendar of events and various workshops.


Advertising & Promotion:


WFP Press Release

You have won the award, earned the promotion, finished first in the race or opened the doors for others.  The WFP Member Press Release is an opportunity to announce your accomplishments to your fellow members, publicize your company or work to the community, and recognize the value of your efforts to business partners. 

Our communications team and skilled writers will design a message that will attract attention and go out to the larger Jackson community, local media sources and social media.  This press release will help promote the work of our members, their achievements and any future aspirations. 


Monthly Member Spotlight

Our member spotlight is designed to highlight the uniqueness, passion and activism of our members.  We want to provide various opportunities for members to network.  That’s why every month, we spotlight a handful of women so you can get to know them better.


The Women for Progress Radio Network

“Programming to Change the Dialogue in Mississippi”
Creator: Willie Jones
Executive Producer: Juanita Brown

Women for Progress desires to disseminate facts and information that will ensure fair and equitable treatment for all.

Throughout our history we have made political action a major priority. Making the political system more responsive was our first step in addressing many of the issues facing our communities. Women for Progress Radio provides a platform for that effort.


Mentorship Program (New)                                                 

Members can share their knowledge and help guide others in their career journey or members can optimize their career growth by partnering with a mentor in the industry she is interested in pursuing. Our mentorship program is an incredible way for members to inspire, and become inspired to strive for success.


Below is a list of the Action Committees:



Women’s Business & Entrepreneurs Network

Political Power & Participation (Voter Services)

Arts & Culture


Membership Development


Women for Progress Core Projects

Women for Progress Radio Network

Women for Progress Lunch & Learn

Women for Progress Political & Education Forums

Women for Progress “She Should Run”, Engaging More Women for Public Leadership

Dorothy Stewart Samuel Scholarship Fund

Women for Progress Cookbook

Project Aspire Youth Leadership Institute – Project Aspire Soaring Eagles


Sankofa Cookbook



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